Administration through ownership, participation and advice

Vidarstiftelsen manages its assets in a secure manner which generates financial return to support the positive development of the foundation's objectives. Vidarstiftelsen is a committed and value enhancing owner. Through participating and advising, subsidiaries and associated companies are supported. What follows is information about some of the companies with which the foundation is involved.

Steneken Fastighets AB

Steneken Fastighets AB is a wholly owned subsidiary that owns rental properties in Stockholm, Malmö and Trelleborg. The company has been operating since the 1980s. The office is located in Järna, Södertälje, CEO is Ammi Björkvall.

Vidarkliniken Foundation

The Vidar Clinic, with a unique combination of conventional and anthroposophic medicine, is located in beautiful hospital buildings in Ytterjärna. Since its beginning in the 1980’s, Vidarstiftelsen has been property owner and landlord to the clinic. The health care services are conducted independently through their own foundation. Since 2011, the property has a permanent art installation called Skyspace, created by the artist James Turrell.

Find out about the latest project Skyspace

Kulturforum Järna AB

Conferences, hotel stays, theme days, guided tours and exhibitions constitute the activities of  Kulturforum Järna AB. The hotel has 36 rooms and suites to offer to its overnight guests. The hotel along with its conference rooms enable a more comprehensive conference activity. Our intention is to establish an international, open and inspiring venue in the area surrounding the Culture House. A place where new perspectives in areas such as health, arts, education and sustainable development can meet. Kulturforum Järna is a limited company, and fully owned subsidiary of Vidarstiftelsen. Find out more about the hotel.

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Ekobanken Co-operative Bank

Ekobanken, the pioneer in "social banking" in Sweden, is a bank for individuals and businesses. The customer savings are invested to support a healthy social and environmental development. Vidarstiftelsen has placed part of its funds in Ekobanken as member capital.

Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna AB

Thanks especially to Peter de Voto, the Culture House in Ytterjärna offers fantastic, much appreciated performances of classical and contemporary music, dance, theatre, opera, eurythmy and circus. Since a few years, it is operated as a limited company, a subsidiary to Steneken Fastighets AB. The Culture House and its theatre opened in 1992. In 2001 it won second prize in the architecture contest "The most appreciated modern building in Sweden." Alongside the cultural activities, the building hosts a cafe, conference rooms and offices. For more information visit

Saltå Kvarn AB

Saltå Kvarn AB is a reputable organic food company focusing on natural, high quality foods with minimal environmental impact. At Saltå Kvarn the flour is stone ground and the bread baked in wood-fired ovens. Since 1964, the mill has refined biodynamically grown cereals and today it collaborates with organic and biodynamic farms worldwide. The assortment has grown and the company now offers much more than bread and flour. The company's motto is: "What nature provides. And nothing else."  Vidarstiftelsen (The Vidar Foundation) is the primary owner of Saltå Kvarn AB. For more information visit

Foundations & Management

There are no owners or members of a foundation, the foundation's capital has instead once been set aside to serve a particular purpose. This purpose can not change. Auditors and the county government check to see that the purpose is upheld.

In 1963, Åke Kumlander set aside 10,000 Swedish kronor to start Vidarstiftelsen. He decided that the return should support the "anthroposophical movement founded by Rudolf Steiner".

Through Åke's work in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, the Vidar Foundation's funds have grown. We are grateful that he had the vision, idea and generosity to do so. It has made ​​so many important initiatives possible! For further information see About us / History.


The initial appropriation amount was 10,000 Swedish kronor (1962).
The posted assets of the parent foundation amounted to 255 million Swedish crowns according to the annual report for the 2013-year-end.