Applying for scholarships or grants

Your application consists of:

  • Application form
  • Cover letter
  • Relevant attachments

Please mail us your entire application, including attachments.

Vidarstiftelsen receives many applications. For us it is helpful if the application form is fully completed. In a cover letter, preferably no longer than one page, describe yourself and your need for funding. It is a good idea to refer to Vidarstifelsen’s objectives.
Attach copies of documents which can validate your statements. If your application for instance concerns supporting an institution, attach the budget, annual report, project description etc. If you as an individual are applying for a research or study scholarship etc., it is useful to attach documentation of this, such as marks, certificates or letter of admission. Also provide an overview of your finances.

Post application to: Kulturcentrum 14, 153 91 Järna

Applications sent by e-mail will only sometimes be accepted upon agreement. Applications are not returned to the applicant. Read more about when to apply under application dates.