Applying to Vidarstiftelsen

You can apply to Vidarstiftelsen either for initiative-funding or for study or research scholarships.

For the application to be approved, the stated purpose must be in line with Vidarstifelsenís objectives.

Aim of the Foundation

The aim of Vidarstiftelsen is as follows:

"to support the anthroposophical movement founded by Rudolf Steiner including its subsidiary operations, principally in Sweden, as well as the Christian Community, Kristet Samfund.
The aim shall be realized through the granting of scholarships to individuals or through financial grants to organizations working in a medical, educational, religious, artistic, scientific, social, practical or other way, which follow the guidelines for spiritual research laid down by Rudolf Steiner, or which are intended to spread knowledge about anthroposophy or about ideas based on anthroposophical thinking."

Stated in the 1962 foundation records

Do you have any questions?

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Application forms

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