Current Projects

Some examples in which our funding contributes to development.

Skillebyholm – Higher Vocational Training in Biodynamic Gardening

The new full-time course “Gardening, Ecology and Entrepreneurship” is a new two-year vocational training course. Vidarstiftelsen was involved in the initial task of starting the training, and continues to support its development. Interest for gardening is steadily increasing as is the demand for locally grown, organic and biodynamic products. Consumers appreciate opportunities such as farmers markets where one can establish a closer connection to the farmer and gain an understanding of the product's origins. Clearly, many well-trained and committed growers are needed and there is indeed a great interest among students to attend this new course.

In addition to being a campus, Skillebyholm is also a Swedish center for biodynamic farming. There are vegetable-, herb- and flower gardens as well as a farm shop. The Skillebyholm farm includes 53 hectares of farmland, gardens, pastures and woods. The  most dominant feature of the surrounding landscape is the beautiful archipelago.

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YIP – Education for the Future

The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) is a recently started program in social entrepreneurship. The course is for youth aged 18 to 25 who want to create positive change in the world. It is a course in how to bring one's own initiative into being. Vidarstiftelsen supported YIP in the start-up phase and during the first few years.

The third YIP-class 2010-2011, with 40 participants from 18 different countries and six continents, has graduated. In addition to the training itself, these young people also gain an amazing global network of social entrepreneurs!

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BERAS – A Sustainable Alternative 

BERAS Implementation is a three-year EU project whose focus lies in establishing ecological recycling agriculture in the entire Baltic region. Partners from 10 different countries include ministries, government agencies, universities, NGOs and businesses. The Biodynamic Research Institute in Järna is the main coordinator whose scientific research Vidarstiftelsen supports.

Previous research (BERAS 2003-2006) shows that ecological recycling agriculture significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus in the Baltic Sea. BERAS Implementation is a joint project to implement the knowledge gained through the initiative and to help reduce the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea through organic farming.

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Supporting Development Projects in Various Countries

Vidarstiftelsen distributes small amounts of foreign aid. Either directly to a specific project or through the SOFIA Association. One example is the Yatima association, active in southwestern Tanzania. In this AIDS ridden region, Yatima provides orphans with a better and safer childhood. Vidarstiftelsen also supports an agricultural training for young farmers in the Rivan Community in Nepal. Furthermore, a small grant was made to support the Roshni Association, an institution for social therapy in Lahore, Pakistan. The SOFIA Association has several work groups collaborating with local organizations on various development projects.

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